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Fashion And Beauty

SellFocus has carried out studies that has helped to provide an in-depth view of Africa's very diverse markets and the purchase cultures of fashion and beauty products. This has enabled…

Aircraft Sales & Rentals

SellFocus has an extensive experience in the market of aircraft sales and rentals. The variety of aircrafts on offer range from large business jets and turboprops to smaller single and…

Mines & Energy

Since the recession the mining and energy industry has experienced robust growth over the few years with revenue rising at a significant pace annually. Africa has long been known to…

Real Estate

Investors & Developers and Corporate Clients

Fibre Optic Cable Supplier

SellFocus provides fiber-optic laser system flexible metal protective tubing for sensitive electric and fibre-optic cables. We also specialise in fiber-optic communication solutions with the flexible SUS armoured tubes.


SellFocus believes education is the key to the development of African future leaders. We work with top associate partners with many years of experience in the field of education.

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SellFocus is pan-African multi-sector business conglomerate with experience in introducing international investors into the fastest growing emerging markets on the continent of Africa.

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